Your Unparalleled Partner

For Aerospace Solutions

Obliq Aerospace is a small consulting firm with big ambitions to find our clients the solutions specifically tailored to their needs.

Our Expertise

The Obliq Philosophy

We believe that each of the customers we work with have unique stories. With different stories, we will provide tailored solutions by going into the trenches and learning about your philosophy and objectives. Our business model, molded through years of experience, allows us to build a partnership with you, our clients, and ensure you’re getting the highest quality of service at an honest price. Our mission is your success!

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The Obliq Way

A thorough discovery is at the core of every successful solution we craft. Understanding your business and your needs is key to creating the best strategy to help you reach your goals. We will spend the time to get to know your business in order to create a program aligned with your objectives and beliefs.

We will design an original project plan specifically tailored to you, including creating QMS documentation, strategic direction, internal audit program, leadership training and many more depending on your needs. We will execute the plan in phases to ensure the flow of your business remains uninterrupted.

Monitoring is essential to ensure that the executed project plan is following the objectives and tracking towards achievement of our goals. We will assess and validate that the implemented solutions are effective and in compliance with applicable standards

We will act on any non-conformities, opportunities for improvement, inefficiencies and other issues that result in outcomes that are evidently less-than-optimal. We will provide root cause analysis on any issues found and will eliminate them by making the necessary process changes.